Embroidered self portrait /20×20 cm / yarns and inks

A bit about me

Hello I am a fiber and textile artist from IJsselstein in the Netherlands . Nice to see you on my website .

Fibers and textile are such a wonderful medium  to work with and so versatile I just love the tactile feel off it and exploring the endless possibilities .  I can feel like a chemist when I dye my own fabrics, or like a painter when I paint my cotton. Sometimes I like to work very detailed  and I choose embroidery. Other times I spend hours and hours sewing on my sewing machine.  If I want to work more intuitively I love working with wool silk fibers and water & soap. It is magical how the fibers change into felt under my hands. What ever material or technique I choose really depends on the time I have and the mood I am in but one thing is for sure I always like to create   

I am a self-taught artist and have learned many techniques through the years of endless experimenting .   Sewing , either by hand or with a sewing machine , plays a mayor part in my work. It allows me to create texture, dept and details . 

When  I am not working on a new piece,   I am always buzzy with preparing materials I often use . Making my owns silk papers, dying my own fabrics , playing in Photoshop,  looking for new inspiration or taking photo’s of things or moments that captures my eyes.  I find it helpful to  use  sketchbooks,  some of which end up as inspiration for a new piece.  I love various sorts of paints, pastels, inks, textile paints , acrylics and dyes and often will mix these together with surprising results 

I am always inspired by what I see and observe in nature and my direct surroundings .  I  love the changing color palettes of the seasons, admire nature with it’s perfect designs, textures and variations.  I always carry my camera observing and capturing the world around me