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wool and copper

aug 2015/ after my series Coffee Beetles I made this one with wool and copper wire. I love the shadows my beetle creates ūüėČ

wool and weeds

aug 2014/ My garden was overgrown with bindweed. Nice and long “threads”of this plant was covering my pavement. It gave me the idea to try and knit ¬†with…

Just the two of them

Sold/ 2014/ I made these lovely vessels by ¬†felting white merino and lace together. ¬† I kept this lace for at least 20 years waiting for just the…

Just a girl

2015/ woolsculpture / ¬†wool is a wonderful medium and also great to form shapes. I challenged myself ¬†to make a human face sculpture at real size ¬†by using…

Guardian Angel

July 2016 / ¬†for my mum . ¬†Some projects are very close to your heart. When I found out my mum was seriously ill and was going through…



march 2013/ found wood and merino wool wet felted pebbles



March 2014 / sold/ ¬†65×65 cm. A ¬†needle felted wool painting inspired by a friend and ¬†Dutch artist Dinie Boogaart . She gave me permission to translate her…



Feathers 2015/ Needle felted with white, grey and black  merino wool

holding hands

Holding hands

October 2015 / Hands , a wool sculpture in real size. ¬†Made by needle felting from natural wool to form the hand and merino wool to create the…



march 2016/ ¬†A wool portrait of my daughter based on a picture I took in 1996 when she turned 4. It is ¬†made with a barbed needle and…

Classic beauty

Classic beauty

I made this portrait of my daughter in 2013. Used materials are textile paints and ¬†merino wool punched through the fabric with a barbed needle. 50×50 cm