Category: Abstract

nieuwe werken 2017

Momenteel heel druk met een nieuwe serie textiel portretten. Allemaal verschillend maar allemaal mensen. In deze werken ben ik op zoek naar die blik en de emotie en…


2015/ 55×60 cm / Sold /  I love  playing with materials that  other people trow away and give it a new purpose . Stripes of bags were cut…


April 2014/ 45 x50 cm / Plastic bags and organza fused and sewn .

Coffee break

Februari 2017/ Still-life / 50×50 cm. Simple objects and nice moments captured in this piece.  White cotton, painted with Inktense blocks and pencils, Artbars  and textile paints and…

Between the lines

Between the lines/ 2015.  Found objects like rusty rings from my street walks, a cat food aluminium container lid with  hand dyed mull and alcohol-inks,  newspaper, scraps of…

Storm on the way

Storm on the way

May 2015/ Storm on it’s way / This piece was made with newspaper, textile paints, stips of silk and fabrics and sewing and cutting



Summer / December 2015/ Sold / 100 x 89 cm This abstract work was made by sewing on grey cotton on a wool-gauze  backing. After the sewing was…



Infinity / November 2016 / 75×75 cm I made this textile painting during a masterclass of Hilde van Schaardenburg and Corinne van Zambeek ” I see, I see…