Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Geskea Andriessen, I am 47 years young and I live in The Netherlands. I have 2 daughters and a cat called Walnut and I love experimenting with fibers, textiles, paints, wool, recycled materials and paper. All of my work are the results of  exploring with  techniques, materials  and fiddling around. The main question on my mind is always “what if..”

I get bored very quickly and I always have multiple projects laying around.  I never seem to have one certain style for it is all a journey of finding my skills and expressing what is on my mind,  even if I wanted to, I never seem to be able to repeat a process 😉

People and their emotions,  landscapes and abstracts are the main focus in my work.

Have fun visiting my website and works and feel free to leave a comment